Zion at sunset, the zen capital of the universe.

Zion at sunset, the zen capital of the universe.

If words spoke louder than actions, copywriting would be a walk in the park and our president would have a much higher approval rating. But alas, it’s the actions that carry more weight in this world. Looks like we’re both in for a wild ride.

Here are some wild rides from years past:

  • Flew off a 10-foot high swing and landed chin-first on a concrete driveway as a kid. Miraculously, all I needed were a couple stitches. Jaws of steel I guess.
  • Survived teaching tennis and sailing to 6-year-olds. When a youngster decides he’s going to jump ship, you better believe he’s telling the truth.
  • Created an interview podcast that made it to the front page of iTunes’ New and Noteworthy section. Most of my guests could only do interviews during the work day, so I had a pretty bizarre lunch schedule for a few months.
  • Shot courtside photos alongside ESPN photographers at UW Madison during March Madness. After getting over the initial shock of ten very large, fast men barreling towards you every 30 seconds, it was a blast.
  • Talked my way into upgrading my music festival press pass to an “all access pass” and made my way into the “ARTISTS ONLY” lounge. Ended up meeting Waka Flocka Flame and Dillon Francis, who were both incredibly down-to-earth and friendly. It totally changed my perspective on celebrities.

“Good ideas come from bad ideas, but only if there are enough of them.”
- Seth Godin