We turned small trash bags into a fashion accessory to show people how much more they could recycle, positioning Glad as the "green" trash bag.

Body copy:
Turn heads with the new standard in personal waste disposal, complete with the comfort and stretchability that you've come to expect from Glad.
Introducing the pocket square trash bag from Glad. The first release in the Futility Collection.
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Above: Interactive bus displays with removable pocket square trash bags. Inside these bags are cards that invite the viewer to "commit to less" at, where they are then presented with Glad's challenge to use less trash.

We're not making a fashion debut.

We're making a statement.

Every day, the average American throws out about 4.5 lbs of waste. As a company that makes trash bags, we should be thrilled. But as human beings, we value our planet more than any profit. That's why we're asking Glad customers to commit to producing less waste.

Our Futility line of trash bags represents a commitment to less. Of what's thrown out, about half could be recycled and even more could be composted or reused by someone else. The Futility trash bags hold around a half pound of trash and conveniently fit in the pocket of a shirt.

Let's challenge ourselves to be better. Go one day a week where you produce no more trash than what fits in a pocket. Tag us in a post showcasing how you styled your bag and challenge your friends to make a more sustainable world.