Raised Real

Raised Real is a weekly subscription service that delivers farm-fresh
baby food ingredients and recipes to the doors of busy parents.

I helped develop the name, tone, and wrote the manifesto for the brand
alongside some incredibly talented designers and strategists at mono.

RR Pouches.jpg

We build the brand on one core belief: feeding your babies the best possible food shouldn’t be a luxury.

RR Graphic 1.jpg

We developed a tone-of-voice, design, and core belief system for Raised Real that felt, well, real.
And far from the typical down-talking the baby industry is known for.

RR Box 1.jpg
RR Box 2.jpg
RR Website 1 v2.jpg

We also developed social guidelines, so that they could take the reigns and keep the social posts authentic, while still laddering up to the brand guidelines we created.


The branding played a critical role in securing $5M in series A funding. Not too shabby.